Pinelands Preservation Alliance, Southampton, NJ 

The Pinelands Preservation Alliance is a private, non-profit organization and our champion of New Jersey Pinelands protection. PPA's inspired staff works tirelessly in order to raise awareness and regard for this critically important and spectacular eco-system. 

Even if you can not support PPA financially or by volunteering, I definitely recommend attending any of their many fun public outreach and educational events AND following them on Facebook. Here they will keep you current on important and sometimes pivotal upcoming legislative and planning decisions/votes that affect continued pinelands preservation.


New Jersey Conservation Foundation

NJCF has preserved over 120,000 acres in New Jersey since the 1960s. Their largest preserve is located in the heart of the pines adjacent to Chatsworth. Franklin Parker Preserve is magnificent at 9400 acres and encompasses many distinct pinelands habitats from Pine & Pine/Oak forest to Atlantic White Cedar Stands to aquatic. FPP "is the pinelands" and my favorite place to explore and photograph. 

NJCF also offers many outstanding community educational programs and activities.